RED SEA & MOUNT SINAI: We departed Jerusalem and traveled southward to the Red Sea resort city of Eilat for lunch. We retraced the route of the Exodus across the Sinai and learned of the terrain and the history of this region en-route. Arriving in the late afternoon to the hotel at the St Catherine Monastery.

SINAI, SUEZ CANAL, RIVER NILE & CAIRO: A westward route through the wilderness of the Sinai brought us to the Suez Canal and then into Cairo and crossed the Nile. We enjoyed a brief city tour and free time at the famous Bazaar before settling in to our lodging.

PYRAMIDS & MUSEUM: Spent an entire day of exploring the ancient treasures of Egypt. We spent time at one of the seven wonders of the world- the pyramids. Cheops, with an original height of 496 feet, is the most colossal pyramid ever built. We saw the Sphinx and toured the Egyptian Museum , location of Tutankhamon's treasures and ancient remains. 

Trip to ISRAEL and EGYPT

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