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Subj:    "Gift of Time and Service: A Celebration of 100 Years"
Date:   98-03-02 05:26:03 EST
From:   cfoprpo@mnl.sequel.net (Commission on Filipinos Overseas)
To:     Egguevara@aol.com (Mr. Ernie Guevara)

Dear Mr. Guevara:

Thank you for your interest to participate in the project, "Gift of 
Time and Service: A Celebration of 100 Years".

In view of your expressed intention to conduct volunteer work in 
September-November 1998, we will appreciate receiving a list of possible 
seminar/workshop topics which you may wish to conduct for computer 
students or government employees.  We will also appreciate receiving advice  on your other requirements for this purpose.

As soon as we have coordinated with other agencies requiring your 
technical skills, we will also be sending you a draft work program and terms of
reference, which will be developed by your host institution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have further 
questions or inquiries.

Again, thank you and best regards. 

(sgd.)  JOSE Z. MOLANO, JR. 
        Executive Director