GUEVARA Family Name History
It was not until the early Middle Ages that surnames were first used to distinguish between numbers of people bearing the same personal name. With the growth of documentation in the later Middle Ages, such name became essential, and a person whose distinguishing name described his trade, his place of residence, his father's name, or some personal characteristic, passed that name on to his children, and the surname became hereditary.
GUEVARAIn the case of the Spanish surname Guevara, this name is of local origin, being derived from the place of residence of the initial bearer. In this instance, the surname is derived from the place name Guevara which is located in the province of Alava. According to etymologists, the place name Guevara is derived from the Basque word "ebar" which means "fern or bracken".

The earliest record of the surname is that of a donation made to the Order of Calatrava by Vela Ladron de Guevara in 1288. He was a descendant of Count Ladron Velez de Guevara, Senor of the House of Guevara, who described himself "En el nombre de Cristo. Amen. Yo, Ladron, Conde por la gracia de Dios y Principe de los navarros" - "In the name of Christ. Amen. I, Ladron, Count by the grace of God and Prince of the people of Navarre". A branch of the Guevara family settled in Onate and were granted the title of Condes de Onate.


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According to Ernie Guevara from the Phillipines.The name Guevara can be found as early as 1286A.D.)In northern Spain,in the kingdom of the Navarros.A certain Count,Vela de Guevara,prince of the Navarros is mentioned.The name has its' orgin amongst the Basque.But is also linked to the Sefarditas"the Jews of Spain or Sefarad.The root of the name in its' original version "Guebara"is Ebar,which means a fern in Basque.Sefardi or not the name is associated with the nobility of Hispania.The Phillipino,conection to the name,can possibily be found inthe autos de fe of the Spanish Inquisition that continued in Mexico City.A certain Pedro de Guebara,fled Mexico to the Phillipine in 1821,for being a Judiozante.When he returned he was captured and relaxed in effigy"Relajado en estatua"which is the fancy term"BURNED AT THE STAKE"So anyone with this last name,originating in Mexico,like me.Can possibly have links to the Jews of Iberia and to his holiness Count, Vela de Guebara. Does anyone have info.on a certain Marquez de Urquijo.This Iberian Blue blood was a distant great grand uncle,he married my great grand aunt Baroness,Maria de Carmen de Federico.The Federico name is Itlian.But since Sefarad/Espania was part of the Roman empire,it balances out.My email is if you have any info on the Guevara's other than Che,and the Marquis de Urquijo.Key in Ernie Guevara on your search,and go to the family crest etc.for anyone who is interested.And if you want to check my site go to ( Asta la Pasta, Alvaro Guevara y Vazquez p.s.the origin version of my name was Veles ladron de Guevara.

CREST: Quarterly: first and fourth or, three bends gules, each charged
with a bendlet argent, each bendlet charged with ermine spots sable; second and third gules, five poplar leaves argent.
TRANSLATION: Or (gold) denotes Generosity and gules (red) signifies Military  Fortitude. Argent (white) symbolizes Purity and Sincerity
BLAZON OF ARMS: Three ostrich plumes proper.
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